About us

Faculty of Production and Management Trebinje was founded by the Decision of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska and it worked since 1995, within the University of Srpsko Sarajevo. Since September 2007 it has been a member unit of the integrated University of East Sarajevo. The mission of the Production and Management Faculty Trebinje includes the highest standards in education and scientific research with the view of educating our graduate engineers in Industrial Engineering and Management as well as in Industrial Energy Engineering, whose knowledge would be applicable in the fields of: production, management, energy engineering, marketing, entrepreneurship, information systems design, quality systems design and quality management. Since October 2012, courses of study at the Production and Management Faculty Trebinje have been conducted in the building within the complex of the former barracks in Trebinje (Stepe Stepanovica bb) in accordance with the Use Agreement which is signed by the Municipality of Trebinje and University of East Sarajevo.

At the Faculty the courses of study are organized in the 1st cycle and the 2nd cycle study programmes. In the 1st cycle studies the courses are taught within two study programmes: Industrial Management and Industrial Energy Engineering. The 1st cycle studies end with acquiring of the qualification: Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering and Management or Bachelor degree in Industrial Energy Engineering. Since the academic year 2007/2008 studies at the Faculty have been organised in accordance with the Bologna Process, by the system 4+1+3 (duration of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle of studies). The first cycle studies last 4 years and comprise 240 ECTS.
The 2nd cycle studies have been organized since the academic year 2011/2012. To complete the 2nd cycle studies it is necessary that the number of ECTS comprises 300 together with the ECTS from the 1st cycle studies. On the entry of applicants to the 2nd cycle studies the Faculty conducts the equivalence procedure for the earlier acquired degrees in line with the relevant Rules of Equivalence Procedure of University in East Sarajevo.
Production and Management Faculty Trebinje signed the Protocol on Cooperation in Teaching with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of University of Montenegro which complies with the Agreement on Cooperation in Teaching and Scientific Research signed by the University of East Sarajevo and the University of Montenegro.
Student organization of the Faculty is the full member of the Student Union of University of East Sarajevo, it has its representatives in the Student Union of the Republic of Srpska and from April 2003 it is the full member of the Association of Mechanical Engineering Student Organisations of the Ex-Yugoslav Republics.

Educational activity of the Faculty necessarily includes the scientific research activities which are assumed in the professional advance of the teaching staff. By access to KoBRSON (Consortium of Libraries of the Republic of Srpska for the Unified Procurement) the Faculty provided its teaching staff and the library with the better availability and the use of scientific data. Also, all teachers of the Faculty are the members of the Current Research Information System in the Republic of Srpska, i.e. E-CRIS.RS which includes databases of the research organisations, researchers and projects. As a result of the scientific research and activities at the level of University, in 2012 Production and Management Faculty Trebinje was allowed an access to publications comprised in the scientific database SpringerLink which is significant because of the fact that a number of the available publications are from the scientific fields covered by the curriculum of the Faculty – engineering, IT, physics, mathematics, statics, etc.
The scientific research aspect of the Faculty functioning is reflected in the projects co-financed on the part of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska such as: “Efficiency of Treating the Hardly workable Materials (hardened steels) with the Tools of High-speed steel Produced by Powder Metallurgy”, “Modelling the Condition of Tools (twist drills) by Applying the Artificial Intelligence”, “Development of a Tool design CAD system for Making of Twist Drill Grooves”.
Also, this Ministry co-financed the project “Adaptation of a Computer Laboratory for Scientific Research Activities in the Facilities of the Production and Management Faculty Trebinje” which created conditions for the improvement of the teaching and research quality.
During 2013, within the scope of the project “Support to Technological Culture and Innovation” Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina co-financed the realisation of the project “Preparing the Project Documents and the Prototype of Eyeglasses Lens Support”. The project owner is the Faculty in partnership with several institutions and associations from the East Herzegovina.
The laboratory equipment obtained for the needs of the Faculty within the scope of the project “Modernisation of the University of East Sarajevo” is intended for the six laboratories:

Modern Production Laboratory
CNC Classroom
CNC Laboratory
Measurement Laboratory
Microscopy Analysis Laboratory
Remote Conference Room

The basic application of this laboratory equipment is in the training of the students in the 1st and 2nd cycles of study through the laboratory classes, preparation of master theses and doctoral dissertations and scientific research activities of the teaching staff. This laboratory equipment enables service provision from the fields of the product development and technologies such as the case of the cooperation between the Faculty and the joint stock company ‘Orao’ from Bijeljina which established the functional relationship between science and industry.